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Dom na Parkovoy Residential Complex. Sochi.

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    Facade project made by U-kon engineering

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    Terracotta ceramic panel Frontek, natural stone

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    ATS -316, LT-447

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Peking gardens quarter Residential Complex. Moscow.

Embassy of Estonia. Moscow.

Verona Residential building. Saint Petersburg.

FORT Tower business center. Saint Petersburg.

Memorial Sign in honor of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria in 922.

Administrative building of F.S.B. Kazan.

CSKA metro station. Moscow.

Kvartal 38a residential building Moscow.

Novoyasenevskiy Residential Complex. Moscow.

The MID Residential Complex. Moscow.

Red Side Residential Complex. Moscow.

Business centre Smolensky de Luxe. Moscow.

Oruzheyny business centre. Moscow.

Khoroshevskaya metro station. Moscow

Helipad. Kiev.

Cultural and business centre Menorah. Dnepr. Ukraine.

Residential Complex on Kominterna Street. Moscow.

Fili Grad Residential Complex. Moscow.

Art Residence. Moscow.