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  • Facade systems for brick cladding materials

  • Facade systems for attaching clinker and concrete plates.

  • Facade systems for attaching large-format ceramic granite.

  • Facade systems for attaching terracotta ceramic panels.

  • Facade systems for attaching natural stone.

  • Facade systems for attaching composite material and metal sheet

  • Facade systems for attaching flat sheet materials (HPL,Fiber-reinforced cement)

  • Facade systems for attaching ceramic granite

  • Facade systems for attaching fiber reinforced concrete



Our own design engineering department carries out full-scale engineering development of rear ventilated facades.

We provide full package of engineering services:

- engineering survey;

- design on the base of architectural drawings or engineering survey;

- assembling supervision;

- designer supervision;

- design documentation assessment.


Our technical support department designs a facade fragment or a whole facade with the maximum accuracy of the cost of each m2

Bim-LIBRARY Integration into AutoCAD®, Revit®

Get access to U-kon BIM/CAD for finding the following:

1. U-kon system catalogue for designing on the P stage. U-kon material nomenclature in Revit

3. Albums of technical solutions

4. Assembly diagrams

5. Library


We are ready to submit to you the following documentation:

- Certificate of approval and a technical assessment.

- Album of technical solutions.

- Fire safety report.

- Durability and corrosion resistance report.

- Strength conclusion. - Seismic conclusion.